Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing

Lenticular is a specialized printing process that displays depth or animation. It can be used to tell the story of your brand or product.


Lenticular Printing Examples


World3D can produce lenticular for your promotion, advertising, packaging and more. Lenticular printing increases impact.


Lenticular Design Guide

Design Guide

Click here to learn more about file setup basics and how to create the source art for a great lenticular image.


Start Your Lenticular Project

Start Your Project

We’re here to help you make a great lenticular. We’ll talk with you about your goals for the image and provide feedback on your art.


What is Lenticular?

Lenticular prints start with standard digital files that we specially prepare to be work with the lens material. We then print that file directly to that lens to create the effect. This material is a plastic made up of lenticules, hence the name lenticular printing”. The image, viewed through the lens, appears to move as it is turned, creating dramatic animation or depth. Learn more here.


Interactive website feature showing a woman holding a lenticular print card with multiple layers that change images upon tilt, displayed in a web design interface

How to Get Started

So you’ve decided to start your lenticular project… Great!
How do we do it? Simple!

image of a man holding a large lenticular print of a shoe, illustrating the 3D and motion effect of the print technology

Request a Lenticular Printing Quote

1. Request a Quote

Submit details of your project HERE or call us at (800) 743-1997 to get started.

Send Us Your Lenticular Artwork

2. Send Us Your Artwork

Upload the artwork for your lenticular project via email or FTP.

Approve Your Lenticular Artwork

3. Approve Your Proof

In less than a week, we send you a lenticular proof for approval.

Lenticular Shipped Directly to You

4. Shipped Directly to You

After proof approval, your final product will be completed and shipped out to you or your client. Quick and easy!


Lenticular Example

Lenticular In Your Marketing Mix

Lenticular printing is a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.

Whether you need a give-away bookmark, a direct mail postcard, or a giant wall display, you can use lenticular to add attention-grabbing pizazz to your marketing. In fact, most anything that can be created with traditional printing can be turbocharged with lenticular printing. Check out our gallery for ideas and examples of cool ways our customers have used lenticular printing. But, of course, that is just a tiny sample of what is possible. So reach out, and we can help add a whole new dimension to your marketing mix!

evolution of an iconic car model, showcasing a lenticular image that gives the impression of depth and motion to highlight the vehicle's sleek green design

Make an Impact

Brand Recall


Brand Engagement


Brand Affinity


Some of Our Happy Clients

“The team at World3D have consistently delivered quality results in our exploration of lenticular technologies. With an eye for detail, we have come to rely on their experience and knowledge to help us break new ground on our projects. World3D is a valued partner who always rise to the challenge.”

Nike Innovation

“For over ten years, World3D has supplied the lenticular cards included in all of our lens packaging. They have consistently responded to our requirements and have produced quality product. Please convey our thanks and appreciation.”

Bausch + Lomb

“My experience working with World3D was a wonderful, very efficient and professional one. The project was on time, on budget, and my company was thrilled with the final result. I would use them again with no hesitation.”

Protective Life Insurance Company

“The guys at World3D are super great and have been so easy to work with for the decade that I’ve been using them. They always happily give me the best, easy to understand information that I can relay to my customers. My customers and I are always thrilled with the results!”

Herff Jones Yearbooks

“The team at World3D makes it very easy! They offer a unique product and are experts in their field. Our clients are always very happy with the final product. They are a trusted print partner.”

Schipper Design

“World3D did a great job on my lenticular project. They got my project done on time and it looks great!”

Savannah College of Art & Design