Hasbro Transorms Walmart Display Using Large Format Lenticular

Every now and then the team here at World3D Lenticular Printing gets to work on a project that we’re super excited to share with our visitors.  And this is definitely one of those times!

Standing Out With Lenticular Printing

We were approached by Hasbro to help them enhance a display featuring their new Transformers toy line.  The movie Transformers: The Last Knight was about to be released and they had a new product coming out in conjunction with the release of the movie.  They were creating a display that would go at the end cap of every Walmart in the United States (about 2,000 locations) and needed to stand out.

Now there are a lot of times where the subject of a movie or product is a good fit for lenticular but perhaps never more so than a Transformers movie and toy!  Tasked with showing the main character, Bumblebee, transforming from a black and yellow Chevy Camaro mode into the full glory of his standing robot, Hasbro tapped World3D to create a giant poster showing the change using lenticular printing.

Lenticular Technology Used Perfectly

The result was an awesome example of lenticular technology being used perfectly.  As shoppers walked down the Walmart aisle, their movement brought on a change in the image. Bumblebee transformed right in the toy aisle!

The giant poster stood nearly four feet tall on top of the display that held the product.

While much of the lenticular we produce is much smaller and used for applications like postcards and promotional products, large format lenticular displays are gaining in popularity.  Their sheer size, when coupled with the impressive animation, creates an absolute can’t-be-ignored display.  What’s more, the display can tell the story of the product or brand message.  So in this case, shoppers were not only stopped in their tracks, they were reminded of the Transformers message and clued in that there was a toy worth checking out below.

Although this display was an impressive four feet tall, we can actually produce panels as large as eight feet tall and up to four feet wide.  The panels can be tiled together to create ever larger lenticular displays– some as large as billboards!

If you have an application that is a great fit for lenticular printing, give us a call and we would be happy to explore it with you.  No matter the size, we can transform your next campaign into a crushing success.

A highly detailed and colorful lenticular image of a yellow and silver Transformer