Medical Marketing And Lenticular Printing

In the 25 years we’ve been producing lenticular we’ve noticed some trends in the use of this medium. One of those trends is that certain industries seem to have really discovered the power of the medium more than others. The clearest example of that may be the medical marketing industry. Whether it’s medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals or even individual medical practices, medical marketers consistently use lenticular to convey their message.

A common use is lenticular postcards for direct mail campaigns. Pharmaceutical companies have had us produce mailers going to doctors, hospitals have done direct to consumer mailings. Any uptick in response from the lenticular obviously creates a large ROI and lenticular is proven to create improved response.

We have also created some really eye-catching large format lenticular for a hospital client. These images appeared in malls and stood out to shoppers who are obviously inundated with marketing images. Just getting noticed and getting the message out is the trick here and nothing does it better than a beautiful backlit large format lenticular.

So if you’re a medical marketer or if you just want to see what they’ve discovered, consider how lenticular printing can bring your next campaign to life. Contact us today.