Is Lenticular Printing A Serious Marketing Tool?

Imagine if an alien came to earth and took a look at a comic book. His/her/it’s first question may be “so this technology of printing on paper exists to entertain children?”

Well of course printing can be used for fun but it can also be used to communicate serious messages including powerful marketing messages. This is true of any communication technology and it’s certainly true of lenticular. While having Mickey Mouse dance on a book cover is cool, showing how a medical device functions using animated collateral material is arguably cooler.

If you have a product or a brand message that you need to explain quickly and with impact, text is not always the best answer. Animation can explain instantly what would otherwise take a paragraph to explain. Equally importantly, text never stopped anyone in their tracks the way animated print can.

If marketing is your craft, shouldn’t you have lenticular printing in your toolbox?