What Our Lenticular Printing Services can do for You

Business owners are always on the lookout for a unique way of advertising their businesses, products or services. It seems most businesses have bought into social media and other marketing methods, so what’s the next step to creating a business image with a difference? How do you put yours into a league of its own so it gets noticed?

Do you scream about it from the rooftops? Do you hire billboard space? Do you purchase ads on your favorite TV channel? It’s all been done.… Why not look into lenticular printing?

Revolutionizing the printing process, lenticular printing is an innovative form of technology allowing you to print images that animate or show depth, rather than the traditional static 2D viewing form.

Both traditional print and lenticular images are printed on lithographic presses.  But lenticular imagery is created by printing onto lenticular lenses instead of paper or standard plastics. From promotional products and packaging to wide format graphics and displays, most anything that can be produced with standard print can be enhanced with lenticular printing.

At World3D, we pride ourselves on offering ground-breaking technology to allow you to enter the market on a high note with your products and services. Here is a breakdown of the ways our services can help you.

Lenticular Printing is ‘Big and Bold’

The marketing world is always up against competition for attention.  How do you make your product or message stand out or explanie your company message?  We provide businesses with a stand out solution. Why settle for 2D imagery that doesn’t catch the eye, when you can opt for large format lenticular options that can gain a gathering almost instantly?

Stop potential customers in their tracks as they see one image as they view it front-on, and another as they walk by!

Our large format lenticular printing options are suitable for a range of advertising, including bus-shelters, displays, movie posters, and even billboards!

Lenticular Printing Stands Out on the Shelves

Grocery and retail stores are packed to the brim with thousands of products looking to grab your attention. From bright colors and price discounts to health benefits and odd sizing, so many marketing ploys are used to get their product into your cart.

How many marketers are using lenticular printing? Stand out, and use lenticular packaging to get your potential customer base interested in your product!

Signage for ‘Last Chance’ Purchasing

With close to 85 percent of Americans admitting to impulse purchasing at the counter, it’s little wonder lenticular printing is a popular option for signage at counters. Viewed as a ‘last chance’ to grab a customer’s attention, it needs to be innovative and attention-grabbing.  Most importantly, it can increase sales. Informative, out-of-the-box and attractive signage is all it takes for that last item to make its way into the shopping cart.

Lenticular Catalogs Make a Difference

Do you want your catalog to be on the top of the pile in any retailer’s store? Do you want it to stand out, be noticed and have people view it time and time again? Lenticular printing can ensure this happens. While bright colors and informative headlines get you so far, lenticular printing for catalogs can get you even further.

World3D is a leader in the field with 25 years of experience in this innovative printing process.  We can help you get your business, branding, products, and services noticed. Utilize our experience and technology to build a brighter – and more 3D – presence for your business.