Why Lenticular?

Okay, so I’m in the business of marketing this specialized printing. But it never fails to amaze me that lenticular printing is not in every marketer’s bag of tricks. It’s printing that animates! For decades it was exclusively used for cute tchotchke or baseball cards, maybe a political pin or winking eye. But people are just beginning to understand the power of animated printing to tell their marketing story. I sometimes wonder if the first creators of television programming had to sell advertisers on why moving pictures might help sell their product better than a print ad would. While sometimes commercials are effective just because they’re cute, the real power comes when they tell the story of the product in a way that is unique to the medium. Same goes for lenticular. The maker of an industrial valve can send out a postcard showing exactly how that valve opens and shuts. A text explanation won’t catch anyone’s attention, it won’t convey the story quickly and effectively and it won’t be worth keeping around. And THAT is exactly why lenticular.

  1. Grabs attention
  2. Tells the story
  3. Get’s kept and shown around
  4. Adds perceived value

So how many companies can benefit from animated printing? Whether they’re telling the story of their product or displaying their brand message, I’m guessing the answer is all of them. How about yours?