World3D travels the world… and sees lenticular!

When I first started in this business 18 years ago, (yikes!) I rarely saw lenticular printing “in the wild”. It was out there, but I’d happen upon it maybe once a month. Now I see it many times every week just in my daily jaunts around town. But even I was surprised what I found when taking a trip to Thailand this summer. Buddhist temples had lenticular souvenirs showing golden Buddhas in 3D! A couple of shops in Bangkok featured lenticular advertising displays as well. While it wasn’t our work, we have done projects for groups all over the world and it warms my heart to think that this product that was once so niche, is now used all over the globe both for entertainment and as an advertising vehicle.

Where will it be in ten years? What remote parts of the world have you seen lenticular in action?